Rene "Trudy" Trudell

Rene “Trudy” Trudell came out of Mariapolis, Manitoba with a reputation as a fine skater and stickhandler. But his NHL career was grounded before it even started, thanks to World War II.

Trudell, who actually played a season in Harringay, England, enrolled with the Canadian military. Stationed in Winnipeg he continued to star at hockey with the RCAF Bombers. He served there for four years before finally getting a chance at the NHL.

Not a lot hockey playing World War II veterans cracked NHL lineups after their service was done. The NHL had found a new wave of younger talent, and welcomed back many of the old familiar names, making it tough for a player like Trudell to crack a line up. But crack a line up he did, playing with the New York Rangers for two and a half seasons.

Trudell, a cousin of Chicago Black Hawks forward Lou Trudel, died on March 19th, 1972. He had moved to San Francisco and opened a restaurant.


Nick Cody,  12:05 PM  

I'm not sure if he opened a restaurant in San Francisco, but he did open a bar called The Hockey Haven which is still open under that name. On the front it says Established 1949 and still has a photo of him behind the bar. It is at 3625 Balboa Street.
Thank you for the background information on the man.

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