Gerry Foley

Gerry Foley was born in Ware, Massachussetts, making him one of the rare American born hockey players back in the 1950s NHL. But he actually grew up in Garson, Ontario and fell in love with the great Canadian game.

Foley was a solid right winger said to thrive in physical games. Originally Toronto's prospect, he played just 4 games for the Leafs before joining the New York Rangers via a now long defunct intra-league draft.

It was a good pick up for the Rangers, who employed Foley for both the 1956-57 and 1957-58 seasons. He didn't score often - 9 times in 137 games - but he was known as a hard worker and serviceable forward.

That didn't keep him in the NHL though. For the entire 1960s he toiled in the minor leagues, most notably with the Springfield Indians. But when the NHL expanded in 1967-68, the Los Angeles Kings purchased the entire Springfield team and turned them into a minor league affiliate. Foley continued to toil in the minors, but was called up for one more NHL game - a full 10 years after his last appearance with the Rangers!

In 142 total NHL games Gerry Foley scored 9 goals and 14 assists for 23 points.


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