Joe Cooper

Joe Cooper (12) celebrates with Bryan Hextall, Sr. (11).
Joe Cooper was a Winnipeg born defenseman who started and finished his NHL career with the New York Rangers. But the bulk of his career came in the years between in Chicago. He also played in Ottawa with the Commandos hockey team as part of his service in World War II.

Cooper (who actually overcame a scary fractured skull injury early in his career) was a solid, competent but unspectacular defender. But one night he was mistakenly given credit for near-Superman like strength.

In March 1947 the Rangers and Montreal Canadiens had some sort of a disagreement result in an all out brawl. Cooper squared off with big Murph Chamberlain. With one fantastic punch Cooper knocked Chamberlain into the timekeeper's booth. However newspaper reports mistakenly said that Cooper had knocked Chamberlain into the Madison Square Gardens press box, which was located some 50 feet above the timekeeper's spot.

Needless to say, fans reading this story the next morning must have been in great awe!


Adam,  5:52 PM  

Correction: Hextall is on the left, Cooper is on the right.

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