Laurie Scott

Hockey players, regardless of era, tend to be a superstitious lot. There are some great stories out there, but I suspect the story of Laurie Scott's superstitious ways has probably taken on mythic proportions over the years.

Scott, born in 1900, played 62 NHL games over two season. In 1926-27 he skated in 39 games with the New York Americans, scoring 6 goals and 2 assists. The following year he was on the move, though not very far. He joined the New York Rangers. But after 23 games, a single assist, and a broken nose, Scott was demoted to the minor leagues, never to return. The Rangers went on to win the Stanley Cup later that season. Scott did not get his name on the Stanley Cup. Scott continued to play pro puck until 1935, playing with minor league teams in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma City and St. Louis.

Described as a clever goal scorer, Scott was said to be a very superstitious sort. He had to be the last player on the ice when leaving the dressing room. He also insisted on having all of his sticks facing upwards. No one was to mess with his stick preference, either. The story has it that when Scott entered the rink and found that someone had turned his sticks around, he angrily retired from the game right then and there!

Scott, who was also quite a baseball player, found his way to San Jose after leaving the ice. He initially started out coaching in the little known California Pro Hockey League, but settled into owning his own trailer park.

Laurie Scott died on February 15th, 1977.


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