Danny Belisle

A 13 year veteran of hockey's notorious minor leagues, Danny Belisle received his best Christmas gift ever in 1960. Danny learned he would get his first NHL appearance on Christmas Day, 1960.

The New York Rangers called him up in to play the Montreal Canadiens as the Rangers roster - namely Dan Prentice and Camille Henry - was depleted with injuries. Like only a Hollywood script would dream of, Belisle responded with his first goal in his first game. He went on to add another in the 3 games that followed.

After his 4th game, it appeared that Camille Henry was nearly ready to return to action, however it wouldn't be until game time before the final decision was made. As a result, Ranger coach Alf Pike couldn't make up his mind what to do with Belisle. He told him to get dressed, then to get undressed. Finally he told him to get half dressed of all things.

Belisle, somewhat confused at the moment yet as always a jolly soul, decided to take that literally. He dressed in his hockey pads, shin and knee pads and hockey socks. Then he put on his street shoes, his shirt and his tie! His teammates were hysterical with laughter, but Pike was not.

Pike ordered Belisle to remove his hockey gear. Pike was determined to not use Belisle, even if that meant dressing a unhealthy Henry.

"And that was my last game in the NHL" laughs Belisle years later. "I did exactly what the coach ordered - I got half dressed. But putting on that shirt and tie pissed him off so much that I was back in the minors the following day!"


Anonymous,  6:42 PM  

Just a one-in-a-million shot...but I'm looking to get in touch with Mr. Belisle as he's my mother's cousin. The last time I met him was at my grandfather's funeral in 1980 (Ashley David Belisle)...just wondering if you might have any contact information. thank you very much. Michelle Wreggitt

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